Seal Lynx Point Himalayan. 


She has a wonderful home with a loving family.






Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Female Himalayan
Blue Point Male Himalayan
Buni Bell - Blue Tabby Persian Female
Lyla Blu - Blue Lynx Point Female Himalayan
Bella - Tortie Smoke Female Persian

Blue Tabby Persian
Sold to Natalie

Magnolia is doing fantastic.  She is at 3 pounds and is getting along fabulously with my other Persian and my dog.  They are all best buds. Honestly, I would take 5 of her if I could, such a good sweet little angel!  She's a joy to have around and since she has been here my older over weight male Persian has become more active and interested in playing and seems to be losing weight! She's a sweet healthy loving companion and we can't imagine life without her now that she is here!







"He's doing great! So sweet! Y'all did a great job with him!!



Blue Lynx Point Himalayan Male
Sold to Ruth

we named the baby "Copito" he is adorable and very spoiled, he comes to work with me everyday and we have the best time."

Blue Tabby Bicolor
" First I want to tell you that our little boy is doing great!! We named him Turnip and he is adorable. I will definitely send u pictures. By the way, you should know after talking to numerous breeders and dealing with a couple, you run a much better operation!! The others are horrible about paperwork and returning calls/emails!!! I really appreciate ur promptness !!! "   Kelly





Blue Smoke Persian Female








Beau from Lapeyrouse Cattery and
Coty (Brown Tabby) from Burton's Persians








Pictured at one year.

Blue point and white Himalayan Female


"I wanted to let you know that Tasha is such a beautiful cat and her personality is so calm.  We really love her.  Tasha's hair is really long and sooo silky"





Blue Tabby Male
Sold to Christy

"He is soooooo awesome!!!!  He has brought so much laughter and love to this house.  His name is Harry "Winston".